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Billy Elliot - tour - Noah Parets - square - 8/12

Meet the Billy Boys: Noah Parets Feels the Need For Speed in Billy Elliot

August 9th, 2012 | By Staff

The young performers in Billy Elliot are tasked with executing complicated choreography worthy of dance pros with years of experience. Alternating in the role of the title character, these boys never fail to delight crowds with their leaps and pirouettes. Just who are these talented young dancers? brings you an intimate look at the stars. Noah Parets grew up in Massachusetts and started dancing at age seven. According to the 13 year old, the “freedom and energy” he feels when he dances inspired him to pursue his stage dreams. Click on the video below to find out more about this wannabe shape shifter and why he feels the “need for speed” (at least in video games). Don’t miss your chance to see Parets take flight in Billy Elliot at the Boston Opera House through August 19!


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